Thermo Speed Extreme Mega Cap


1. What is Thermo Speed Extreme?

Every manufacturer of dietary supplements knows that it must have an effective thermogenic preparation in its range of products. Although fat burners are still seen as controversial products, sometimes even referred to as unnecessary, one important fact must be remembered – they are only a supplement to a balanced diet and workout plan. It is also worth mentioning that an effective fat reducer will not only have a strong, but also a safe, effect.

Label-compliant composition, high purity, and lack of “borderline substances”, as well as the high quality of the ingredients used in the appropriate doses – they decide whether the product can be seen as effective support in body shaping. ThisOlimp Sport Nutrition preparation is certainly one of those supplements which are included in a group of safe, and at the same time effective, fat burners.

2. The composition of Thermo Speed Extreme

One of the basic effects we can expect after taking 2 capsules of Thermo Speed Extreme is a strong increase in thermogenesis. The EGCG contained in the preparation allows an increase in the temperature of your body, which creates the ideal conditions for reducing excess body fat. Increased temperature during your workout combined with a bitter-orange extract containing synephrine will make it possible for the exercises performed to shape your body even-more strongly, so that you can enjoy faster results. Additional support for the mentioned extracts are compounds classified as stimulants, which, in the case of the Olimp Sport Nutrition burner, occur in the form of caffeine anhydrous and a guarana extract.

3. Thermo Speed Extreme – how does it work?

Apart from the described properties of most fat burners, Olimp products also have an impact on the functioning of the digestive system. The introduction of a black-pepper extract leads to the stimulation of digestive processes and more-efficient nutrient intake from food, and additionally supports the process of weight loss.

4. Thermo Speed Extreme – effects and opinions

The Thermo Speed Extreme dietary supplement is a capsule preparation which is recommended as support in the process of weight loss and the fight against adipose tissue. The effects we can expect from the ingredients of this product include

  • Increased sweating of the body
  • Increased fat-burning reaction
  • Increased energy and concentration for exercises
  • Stimulation of the digestive processes and an improvement in nutrient absorption from food

5. The price of Thermo Speed Extreme

The Olimp burner should be used in the amount of 2 capsules a day, but this dose should be divided into two smaller portions. The first should be taken after breakfast, the second before a workout or after lunch. The pack priced PLN 62 contains 120 capsules, which gives 60 suggested portions.

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Recommended use:

1 capsule twice daily, drinking with a large amount of water – after breakfast and lunch. The product is recommended to adults as a food supplement. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended.


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