100%- Whey Isolate – 2000g



IronMaxx 100% Isolate Whey Shake with balanced recipe -Definition of your goals!

What training goals do you have? Do you want to increase your muscle build-up or at least maintain your muscles during strength-endurance training? You also want to be fit, alert and strong during training? Then this balanced mix with a lot of pure protein and BCAAs * is ideal for you! The Whey Shake isolate contains up to 85% of the best protein, low carbohydrates, less than 1.3% fat, depending on the variety, and only a small amount of residual sugar (1.1% – up to 3.8% depending on the variety). No added sugar. Excellent water-soluble. Thus, the Isolate Whey isthe Nutrition values between the pure isolates and the whey concentrate. Also priced! So best care of your body with high-quality amino acids and a very good price-performance ratio. However, if your goals are more in muscle definition during a diet phase, then we recommend the 100% Whey Isolate Zero by IronMaxx® – a completely carbohydrate-free shake (with a neutral taste) and an even higher protein concentration.


Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookies and cream, other


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