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Carbohydrates with a differentiated glycemic index are the basic nutrition mixtures used in sport, in order to supplement the energy during exercise and overcompensate for glycogen during the post-exercising period. The differentiation in terms of glycemic index makes these preparations effective in quickly increasing the glucose level and keeping for a long time the balanced level of this sugar in the blood. This gives both the rapid energy boost and secures the energy for next stages of activity.
In order to achieve the differentiation of the glycemic index, the following ingredients are most often combined: glucose and maltodextrins. However, the rationale of using similar mixtures was questioned because the rapid increase of glycaemia as a result of glucose absorption can favour during exercise the degradation of erythrocytes through osmotic, bridging and free-radical mechanisms and during the post-exercise periods can support the deterioration of utilising lactate, while during rest it can support the glycemic swing and insulin immunity. Therefore, many newer carbohydrate preparations are based just on maltodextrins. Maltodextrins alone, however good, do not provide a quick energy boost nor a very long balancing of glycaemia, which results in the need to start their supplementation at a very early stage and frequently repeat the dosage during long exercise, multi-phase playoffs and multi-discipline competitions.
Carb Bx preparation was developed under the BIOGENIX brand, which provides a breakthrough solution. The preparation combines the special carbohydrates – pentoses (D-ribose), lactones (glucuronolactone), small and medium-size particle glucose polymers (maltodextrins) – and large-particle polymers (nutriose), enriched by the addition of taurine.
The first quick ergogenic effect without an increase of glycaemia is initiated by: D-ribose, glucuronolactone and taurine.
Ribose facilitates the absorption of the glucose originating from the liver glycogen reserves by the cells of skeletal muscles and cardiac muscle. At the same time it delivers the particles of coenzyme A and adenosine, which are necessary for hem synthesis and the conversion of glucose’s chemical energy into metabolic energy.
Glucuronolactone is the precursor of ribose, and thus it extends and supports its action. It combines and removes the harmful products of exercising haemolysis accumulated in the bloodstream and deteriorating the oxygen metabolism. At the same time it increases the oxygen capacity of the blood because it delivers NADPH to produce glutathione and coenzyme A for hem synthesis. It binds nearly all carboxylic acids constituting the basic course of energy during glucose deficit and delivers them to the muscle cells, where they are released as result of enzymatic hydrolysis and used for energy production in mitochondria.
Taurine slows down the degradation of erythrocytes and facilitates the absorption of glucose by the muscle cells. It also stabilises the calcium ions, which leads to increased oxygen capacity, confirmed by studies.
Other quicker, longer and very long ergogenic effects are ensured by maltodextrins and nutriose, which evenly release glucose into the bloodstream from polymer particles, equalising and stabilising the glycaemia in the long-term both under exercising and post-exercising and resting metabolism conditions .
Carb Bx is dedicated for active people and sportsmen as a preparation increasing temporarily and permanently the exercising capacity through the on-going supply of energy and post-exercising over-compensation of glycogen.


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