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Glutamine Biogenex (50 Servings)

Glutamine is one of the most important amino acids that play an important role in muscle recovery and muscle protein enhancement. When you undergo rigorous and intense exercise, the level of glutamine in the body becomes low. That’s why each serving of Biogenics Glutamine contains 5g of Glutamine, which supports post-workout recovery.

Whether you are a professional athlete, coach, or even a beginner, what glutamine can do for you is the following: prevents muscle fatigue, gives quick and easy muscle recovery, moisturizes muscle cells, improves immune system function and reduces the possibility of disease, boosts growth hormone levels And, finally, it fuels muscles during exercise by stimulating glycogen. BIOGENEX Glutamine may be what is missing from your diet plan to get the best muscle building as a result of your intense workouts.

  • Improves immune system function.
  • Heals muscles after exercise.
  • Improves performance by providing you with energy

Recommended use:

Take 2.5 grams of powder (1 scoop) before and after training; 2.5 grams of powder (1 scoop) at any time on any days without training.


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