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Glutamine Xplode

It is time you found out how Olimp Glutamine Xplode works, enriched with the innovative VIT-A-MIN SuperCharge in 3 amazing flavours – pineapple, lemon and orange!
Once again we decided to address the needs of our clients (rising the bar both for ourselves and the supplementation industry) and release a truly innovative product composed in a way which guarantees the maximum reduction of damaged muscles after a workout and the fast and effective stimulation of their regeneration.
Based on the most recent scientific data on physiology, biochemistry of metabolic processes and supplementation, as well as the vast knowledge of our scientists and their huge amount of experience in this matter we can say that it is not the quantity, but the properly selected ingredients that are decisive for the quality and efficiency of the product.
So what is it that we are offering?
In Glutamine Xplode, we decided to emphasize the absolute synergism of activity.
All of the ingredients – L-glutamine and the active ingredients of the VIT-A-MIN SuperCharge formula complement one another and reinforce one another’s effect on the metabolism of an athlete’s body. All of this guarantees that your effort produces the quickest and most sustainable results.
you receive L-glutamine and L-leucine in optimal doses – two of the most powerful anti-catabolic substances with a very strong, indirect influence on the protein anabolism. They must always be replenished after a workout without exception.
But this is not all!
L-cysteine , selenium, with the participation of vitamin C in its innovative, super-advanced form (PureWay-C®), guarantee high levels of glutathione synthesis, and the complex of vitamins B6 and B12, folic acid and niacin further enhances post-workout protein synthesis.
VIT-A-MIN SuperCharge = VIT-Amins + A-MINo acids + MINerals
Why taking L-glutamine supplements is so important for the growth of your muscles?
Protein is the primary element of muscle tissue. The strength and mass of our muscles depends on the quantity of proteins stored in them.
Nitrogen is an element characteristic for protein which is not found either in fats or in carbohydrates. The quantity of protein stored in the muscles is measured by the quantity of nitrogen retained in the body. We call this the nitrogen balance. The higher the nitrogen balance, the “larger and stronger the muscles”.
Glutamine is the primary storage and transporter of nitrogen. Glutamine delivers nitrogen to the muscles where it is converted into amino acids and protein, i.e. stimulating the anabolic processes.
When other organs or tissues require nitrogen, they take it from the muscle tissue. The muscle proteins are broken down (this process is called catabolism) and their nitrogen is transported into glutamine, which delivers this elements to other tissues. However, if in a similar situation the body has adequate resources of ready glutamine at its disposal, it will deliver nitrogen to the tissues and catabolism of muscle proteins will not occur.
Ingestion of ready glutamine, in the form of a sports supplement, ensures high nitrogen balance, i.e. the internal body environment which facilitates the anabolic processes while inhibiting the catabolic processes.
Research carried out on humans shows the high efficiency of glutamine in terms of its influence on the improvement of the nitrogen (protein) balance of the body. However, research carried out on athletes proved that its positive effect on the nitrogen balance does not facilitate physical power and strength quite as much as expected KDue to its unique role in the nitrogen balance, glutamine participates in a large number of metabolic pathways related to anabolic and catabolic processes. However, it is always just one of the elements of each pathway. It is the deficiency of other elements that may impair the efficiency of glutamine’s effect on the growth of the physical vigour of athletes, despite proven effectiveness in terms of the improvement of protein management.

Recommended use

Add 1 portion (10 g of powder = scoop) to 200 ml of water, once a day – before breakfast or after training or before sleep.


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