ICE Hydro Amino


FA Ice Hydro Amino 480g is a supplement containing exogenous and branched amino acids that have been enriched with l-citrulline and magnesium. This product has a special EVERCOOL cooling effect that gives a feeling of freshness and refreshment.
Magnesium has a significant impact on the functioning of the nervous system, muscle function, and is responsible for the proper structure of bones and teeth. It improves the conduction of nerve impulses between neurons and reduces the excitability of nerve cells. It helps to maintain proper muscle tone and is involved in the key processes of muscle contraction.
Citrulline is an endogenous amino acid derived from ornithine. The amino acid plays a very important role in the urea cycle, in which the ammonia that is harmful to the body is neutralized. Thanks to it, the synthesis of nitric oxide is increased, which increases the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells and provides a greater feeling of the muscle pump.
Recovery support
Providing the right amount of amino acids is necessary for the body to carry out optimal regenerative processes. They take part in many processes, such as energy production in the muscles, and the synthesis of vitamin B5.
Fitness Authority Ice Hydro Amino 480g is a comprehensive amino acid preparation that has been enriched with magnesium and L-citrulline. It is a great combination of substances that improve muscle function. The addition of L-citrulline dilates the blood vessels, which are able to transport more nutrients and oxygen.


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