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IronMaxx Hellfire fat burner

Be satisfied when you look in the mirror!

A not insignificant proportion of the population, whether they take part in endurance training or ball sports, wish they had a slim, well-toned and healthy body. However, not only muscle mass – which gets the most attention – is part of a healthy body, but also a low body fat percentage. A flat stomach, firm buttocks and taut thighs are the dream of every woman. In just the same way, every man wishes to have a well-toned body, steel muscles and, above all, a firm and well-defined six-pack. The new fat burner from IronMaxx® helps you, in conjunction with sports and an adjusted diet, to achieve an attractive and desirable figure. Besides the visual benefits, a lower body fat percentage also provides additional protection against high blood pressure, problems with the blood sugar level, elevated cholesterol levels and other cardiovascular illnesses.

Combat body fat effectively with Hellfire® !

Human body fat is a special form of connective tissue, which is composed of fat cells, and is stored at the most diverse locations in the body. Depending upon the sex and genetic predisposition, every person has certain places where the body prefers to enlarge its fat cells. The quantity of fat stored also depends, however, upon the nutritional status, calorie consumption and the individual energy metabolism of each person. Therefore, only the three possibilities for efficiently reducing body fat remain: 1) Change your eating habits; 2) burn more calories; and 3) accelerate the metabolism with aids. Hellfire® implements precisely the latter, by stimulating the body’s own basal metabolic rate and heat production (thermogenesis). By basal metabolic rate, the energy consumption which is needed each day to supply the organs and maintain the body functions is meant. An increased basal metabolic rate automatically means a higher consumption of calories, and is furthermore a valuable aid in reducing body fat. In addition, the body produces more heat, also known as thermogenesis, which, in the form of muscle energy generated, causes a significant increase in calorie consumption.

Where does the fire come from?

The nutrients used in Hellfire® — green tea, yerba mate, guarana and Citrus aurantium — are characterised by being high in caffeine and other ingredients which stimulate the metabolism. Caffeine is a stimulant with a stimulating effect on the psyche, concentration, drive and signs of fatigue, and even increases the body’s own heat production. Ginger extract, bitter melon extract and grapefruit extract also ensure a natural increase in the basal metabolic rate. In addition, due to its blood-thinning effect, the willow bark extract locks the complex active substances well into the well-supplied and metabolically active adipose tissue. The amino acid L-tyrosine and the black bean extract, which also have a mood-lifting effect, contain a ensure mental alertness.

Why is Hellfire more effective than conventional fat burners?

Hellfire® uses all the prevalent substances for accelerating the metabolism, taking into account the latest scientific findings. The caffeine is therefore bound to tannins, which are gradually broken down, so that the caffeine has a delayed release and the effect remains for longer. Hellfire® also contains more ingredients than conventional metabolism enhancers, which mutually support one another in their effect. Therefore, the fat burner from IronMaxx® is additionally enriched with natural extracts of pepper, ginger, bitter melon and grapefruit. They are rich in antioxidants and contain bioflavonoids with many varied health effects, acting especially on the metabolism. The naringenin contained in the grapefruit may lead to the liver burning surplus fat, instead of storing it. The insulin-like proteins contained in the bitter melon even assist the work of the pancreas, so that the natural insulin synthesis is reinforced. Natural production of the storage hormone insulin is decisive for regulating the blood sugar level and storing carbohydrates in the adipose tissue. Also new is the reinforcement with black bean extract and the amino acid tyrosine, which together function as a natural mood lifter. Reduced calorie intake in a diet mostly results in the person wishing to lose weight suffering from great mood swings. In most cases, this is connected with the reduced supply of carbohydrates to the brain and the enormous strain. Therefore, the Hellfire® fat burner is enriched with the natural mood-lifting ingredients of black bean extract and tyrosine. The hydroxytryptophan contained in the black bean extract is a precursor of the body’s own tissue hormone serotonin, and functions as a mild remedy for bad mood and depression. Tyrosine also has a strong elucidative (mood-improving) effect on the body, as a raw ingredient. Moreover, Hellfire® contains two important ingredients for optimising the energy metabolism. The willow bark extract is known for its blood-thinning effect and the rapid intake of the active substances. The increased blood flow also promotes the transport of oxygen to the muscle cells, and thereby in particular assists sports activity. The variegated nettle extract, also named Coleus forskohlii, stimulates the digestion and increases the production of gastric acid. Consequently, nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and also fats are taken up by the body and converted better!

The best from nature (free from ephedrine)

In recent times poorly informed customers have tested products of other manufacturers which contain ephedrine or other hazardous amphetamines. Due to the strong side-effects, such as sleep disturbances, tremor, headaches, nervousness and aggression, fortunately ephedrine has been prohibited by the authorities from being sold. In contrast, Hellfire®, on the other hand, is entirely hazard-free, contains exclusively natural herbal substances without any side-effects, and assists the metabolism on an ephedrine-free basis.


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