Levro Armour


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tablets are a supplement which enriches the daily diet with optimally selected quantities of the most important vitamins and minerals. The biphasic nature of the preparation provides components helpful during the active day and night regeneration and rest. Vitamins and minerals contained in the product help maintain a healthy and varied diet, especially in the case of physically active people. The composition of the supplement has been supplemented with a number of valuable additives, such as BCAA amino acids, beta-alanine, standardised plant extracts, natural sources of caffeine or melatonin. The complex formula of the product ensures a multidimensional effect.

What are the benefits of LEVRONE LEVRO ARMOUR ingredients?

• Zinc supports the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood, helps maintain optimal skin, hair and nail condition, and affects the synthesis of vitamin A

•  Vitamin A helps maintain normal vision and affects iron metabolism

•  Vitamins D and K contribute to healthy bones

•  Vitamin E has a beneficial effect on protecting cells from the effects of oxidative stress

•  B vitamins are responsible for the proper functioning of the nervous system, optimal energy metabolism and reduction of the feeling of tiredness

•  Vitamin C affects normal collagen synthesis and promotes normal immunity

•  Magnesium supports normal protein synthesis and proper muscle function


•  Melatonin affects the quality of sleep and contributes to reducing the time it takes to fall asleep

•  Caffeine may affect fatigue, psychological function, and metabolic rate

•  Melissa extract may prove valuable for relaxation and sedation


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