LevroAmino 10000


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LevroAmino 10000

is the highest quality amino acid preparation that thanks to its profile is one of the best bioavailable amino acid mixtures available on the market. The product complements the diet with branched chain amino acids, essential exogenous amino acids and selected endogenous amino acids that have been selected to meet the requirements of the hardest practitioners! The 10,000 branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) contained in LevroAmino are the largest percentage of L-glutamine in the product, and given that they are the most common amino acids in muscle tissue, they are the perfect complement to these ingredients during training periods. The product provides essential amino acids for building muscle tissue, production of body proteins and many other substances with physiological effects such as dopamine or thyroxine.

LevroAmino 10,000 is recommended for physically active people for use in the peri-workout period and as a supplement to the diet in amino acids to all those who care about advanced supplementation and the most important dietary aspects.

LevroAmino 10,000 is a mixture developed by Kevin Levrone himself, the legend can not be wrong!

Size: 300 Tablets

Servings: 30

Serving Size: 10 tablets

Serving suggestion: Take 10 tablets daily, drink large amount of water.


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