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is a multi-ingredient formula dedicated to physically active men, especially lovers of regular strength and endurance training. The small tablet form ensures fast and trouble-free supplementation in virtually any conditions. The product is a true innovation among preparations for athletes. The composition of the supplement is a composition of vitamins, minerals, DAA and highly standardized plant extracts, which have been prepared in the form of separate daytime and nighttime complexes – the biphasic action of the product ensures all-day enrichment of the daily diet with a range of valuable active ingredients! The formula can be used as preventive support for men over 30 years of age, exercising recreationally, professional athletes and seniors.


What are the advantages of LEVRONE LEVRO TEST ingredients?


•  D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) may affect fertility and semen condition (including sperm count and motility)

•  Rhodiola rosea extract and its active ingredients (i.e. rosavins and salidrosides) may be important for reducing fatigue, maintaining mood, cognitive function, or increasing the antioxidant capacity of the blood

•  Resveratrol found in Japanese knotweed root extract may affect blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, and triglyceride levels

•  B vitamins affect the reduction of feelings of fatigue, proper functioning of the nervous system, and adequate energy metabolism

•  Vitamin B6 helps regulate hormonal activity

•  Vitamin D has been shown to affect normal muscle function, supports immunity and helps maintain healthy bones

•  Zinc contributes to maintaining normal testosterone levels in blood and protects cells from the effects of oxidative stress

•  Magnesium affects protein synthesis, normal muscle function and electrolyte balance

•  Fenugreek extract may affect libido, glycemic control and glycogen resynthesis

•  Tribulus extract and the saponins it contains may be important for diuresis and erectile processes, which is related to genitourinary fitness


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