Mass todon


ironMaxx Mass todon

The Power Weight Gainer for mass gain and muscle building

Test the limits of your physics!

“Force equals mass times acceleration” . Some of us still remember Newton’s second law that defines force. Looking at it the other way around, we also need mass for force. Masstodon was developed by IronMaxx® as a power weight gainer whose carbohydrate and amino acid matrix particularly promotes muscle building, strength and mass gain. The power, i.e. strength, of our Weight Gainer lies in the recipe with a high proportion of long-chain, high-energy carbohydrates – from barley flour to organic linseed flour to sesame flour – there is a lot of energy in it that is just waiting to be used in a good workout to be set in motion!

Power weight gainer including all aminos

The supply of the muscles with the power of carbohydrates and the goal of building mass is supported by a balanced amount of essential amino acids in this Power Weight Gainer. All essential amino acids as well as the muscle-building glutamine are in our Power Weight Gainer. There is also arginine, which, as a semi-essential amino acid and popular supplement in sports, promotes better oxygen supply to the muscles, which helps to counteract muscle fatigue and accelerate the regeneration of muscle fibers. Supplemented throughout the day (in the morning – after training – before going to bed) this means: Recharge your batteries for longer – a real power weight gainer!


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