Mineral Complex


Minerals – essential nutrients

Minerals are chemical compounds that our body needs for vital metabolic processes . These compounds cannot be produced by the body itself, but must be supplied externally, through food or even through supplementary supplements . Among other things, minerals play a major role in the electrolyte and water balance and are indispensable for the immune system as well as for the structure and function of bones, muscles and teeth . They are needed for vision and the nervous system , and are also involved in blood clotting and in the processes of reproduction, cell division and cell differentiation .


For increased mineral requirements during physical exertion

As everyone knows, the need for the macronutrient protein is increased in athletes. But what many forget: the need for micronutrients is also increased during physical exertion . By sweating during physical exertion, the body loses many important minerals and vitamins and must therefore be replenished in increased quantities. The body loses around 1000 mg of sodium per liter of sweat , as well as smaller amounts of potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iodine (30 – 50 μg/l), iron and copper . In order to counteract a mineral deficiency, athletes in particular should pay attention to the amount of micronutrients they take in. For example, the frequency of magnesium deficiencyestimated at up to 65% in athletes according to the results of various studies *. With the mineral complex , the body is supplied with important minerals and thus supports the important function of metabolic processes – this is also important for maximum training success .


Mineral complex from IronMaxx®

The Ironmaxx® mineral complex contains 10 important minerals and trace elements . One serving size already covers almost 100% of the need for all micronutrients (except for potassium, 57%). The formula was developed by experts and the ingredients contained in the capsules have a high bioavailability . With the mineral complex you supply your body with the minerals listed below and can counteract a mineral deficiency. These important functions are supported by the minerals and trace elements contained in the mineral complex:


The contained potassium contributes

– Contributes to normal muscle function

– Contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure


The contained calcium contributes

– contributes to normal energy metabolism

– contributes to normal muscle function


The contained magnesium supports

– Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue


The contained iron carries

– contributes to normal oxygen transport in the body


The contained zinc carries

– contributes to normal fatty acid metabolism

– contributes to normal protein synthesis


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