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Napalm LEAA 9 is a supplement that enriches the daily diet with exogenous EAA amino acids, which are derived from high-quality fermented plant materials. This makes the product a source of amino acids of the highest possible purity, which guarantees truly professional supplementation and access to truly refined support. EAA supplementation is recommended for physically active people – recreationally and professionally – who aim to improve their current efforts on their fitness and figure. The product is available as an easily dissolvable powder in three amazing flavours, allowing you to prepare a refreshing drink with a high amino acid content.

What are the benefits of Napalm LEAA 9?

  • A complex of EAA amino acids with increased L-leucine content
  • Exogenous amino acids support the processes of muscle protein synthesis, which is important while working on your athletic physique and building muscle mass[1-3]
  • EAA amino acids help control the breakdown of muscle tissue and prevent unfavourable consequences of exhaustive exercise[4-7]
  • Three uniquely delicious flavours – Italian blood orange, sour watermelon and Sicilian lime

Exogenous amino acids EAA – why are they so important?

Amino acids combine in complexes called peptides, which co-form proteins found in e.g. muscles, skin, bones, hair and internal organs. Some amino acids, the so-called exogenous EAA, are not produced naturally. Therefore, maintaining their optimal level in the body is only possible through a daily diet. However, the level of bioavailability of amino acids from food is very limited, so the best solution is to rely on supplementation.

Amino acid process vs quality – does raw material matter?

When you decide to buy a supplement with EAA amino acids, you should find some information about the raw material and the process of preparing the product. Why? Because they play an important role in terms of the quality of the final product. Most supplements use amino acids obtained by extracting animal material. This method is characterized by low cost and unstable efficiency of the obtained amino acids.

Other products choose to use chemical raw materials, which guarantees the amino acids a stable yield. However, obtaining EAAs from synthetic starting materials may not suit some people – it is important to remember that the best source for the human body is ingredients of natural origin.

Supplements prepared from plant-based raw materials turn out to be the best choice. Fermented sugar cane, cassava and corn guarantee amino acids of the highest efficiency and purity – unfortunately, this type of method is expensive. This is why there are few products on the dietary supplement market such as LEAA 9, whose composition contains exogenous amino acids obtained from completely natural and plant-derived materials. The preparation is of pharmaceutical standard, which guarantees that there is no risk of any contamination such as dangerous heavy metals.

Muscle tissue protection and EAA amino acids – is it possible?

Dietary supplement LEAA 9 is an amino acid complex with increased L-leucine content – a fundamental component in the context of the process of protein synthesis. Leucine is responsible for activating the mTOR kinase, which triggers reactions contributing to the production of new muscle proteins. Other EAA amino acids intensify this process, which may lead to an increase in the efficiency of muscle mass development. This is extremely important for physically active people who are focused on shaping an athletic physique.

LEAA 9 and increased L-leucine content are yet another benefit. Supplementation with exogenous amino acids helps protect muscle tissue from degradation caused by e.g. intensive workouts. EAA amino acids help to control creatine kinase (CPK) levels, which are usually elevated after exercise – thanks to LEAA 9 the repair processes and muscle recovery after an exhausting workout are much more effective than with other amino acids supplements.

Napalm LEAA 9 vs classic EAA – differences

Dietary supplement LEAA 9 is a product with rich content of exogenous amino acids, which were obtained from fermented plant materials. The amino acids are characterised by the highest possible purity and availability, as well as exceptionally stable performance. As a result, the formula guarantees a much better source of valuable EAA, which is characterised by a higher content of valuable L-leucine. LEAA 9 guarantees a far more effective action in terms of intensifying protein synthesis, protecting muscle tissue against degradation, and supporting post-workout regeneration. In turn, the form of an easily dissolvable powder and incredible flavours make it possible to prepare an extremely refreshing drink that will certainly help quench your thirst.


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