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Dorian Yates’ Glutamine is designed to replenish the body’s most abundant amino acid post-workout to enhance recovery. Combined with l-glycine and selenium to contribute to the normal function of the immune system and to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, glutamine is an essential part of your post-workout nutrition.

Glutamine supplementation has become synonymous with muscle hypertrophy, reduction in muscle breakdown and increased muscle protein synthesis, but is also linked to less obvious functions such as insulin sensitivity, lactic acid buffering, increased anti-oxidant activity, increased glycogen storage, a key mediator in the citric acid cycle (where ATP is utilized for energy) and improved cell wall integrity.

Glutamines influence on our immune system is profound in that it is our bodies preferred metabolic fuel/ energy source for our lymphocytes and macrophages, making it essential to immunomodulation. Supplementing Glutamine may benefit the body when it is otherwise deficient in this amino acid (vegans, vegetarians with low dairy intake), however it may also become depleted in prolonged bouts of endurance exercise meaning Dorian Yates’ Glutamine could become a key supplement to have in your nutritional armory.

Glutamine is sold as an isolated amino acid but is also found in high levels in dietary meats and eggs. Similarly, Glutamine is also present naturally in both whey and casein protein. A lot of Glutamine, however, is up taken/absorbed by the GI tract during the digestion process, this is for enterocyte energy and tissue regeneration. It is therefore useful for recreational and professional athletes to supplement with Glutamine to ingest enough so that meaningful amounts actually reach the working muscle and other internal systems that require it (such as white blood cells etc).


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