Shaboom Pump



is a supplement designed for physically active people who want to supplement their daily diet with a number of valuable components affecting their exercise capacity. The composition has been designed for recreational and professional athletes, especially those training for strength and endurance (e.g. bodybuilding, crossfit, Olympic buoys, weightlifting). The product is available in the form of an easily dissolvable powder which makes it possible to prepare a refreshing drink with a fruity flavour. The composition is free from sugar – the preparation is ideal while working on a muscular figure and lean muscle mass.


What are the benefits of LEVRONE SHAABOOM PUMP ingredients?

•  The combination of L-arginine and L-cytrulline can be fruitful for transporting oxygen and nutrient-rich blood, which promotes the “muscle pump” effect.

•  L-cytrulline may prove to be a valuable support for increased performance during training.

•  Beta-alanine as a precursor of carnosine shows buffering properties and supports the maintenance of optimal muscle pH.

•  Beta-alanine supplementation may prove beneficial when working towards a muscular physique and building mass.

•  Creatine contributes to increased physical performance during short-term and intense exercise.

• The combination of creatine, caffeine, and beta-alanine can be a valuable support for reducing feelings of fatigue and increasing energy.

•  Caffeine contributes to improved psychological function and some exercise capacity


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