Vitargo Gold


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 is an ideal supplement for physically active people who want to ensure an optimal portion of energy during training. The formula consists of high quality corn starch (Vitargo®) which, in contrast to simple sugars, has low osmolarity and molecular weight. That’s why drinks based on Vitargo® guarantee a quick energy boost without the risk of overfilling the stomach or uncomfortable bloating. The product has been additionally enriched with electrolytes. The supplement is recommended for both recreational and professional athletes.

What are the advantages of LEVRONE GOLD VITARGO® CARBOLOADER ingredients?

•  A convenient source of valuable carbohydrates in the form of Vitargo® corn starch

•  Carbohydrates contribute to effective glycogen resynthesis, especially after strenuous physical activity

•  Carbohydrate supplementation can be valuable for replenishing used energy stores

• Carbohydrates used during exercise may be helpful for improving performance

•  Magnesium provides support for normal muscle function, optimal energy metabolism and psychological function, and contributes to electrolyte balance

•  Potassium supports the maintenance of normal blood pressure and supports normal nervous system function


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