Biogenix Cell Pump® Revolution apple 490 g (70 Serving)

A simple but very effective pre-training formula.
Increases the effect of pumping and increasing muscle volume.
Contains caffeine, which accelerates metabolism.
It contains two extremely anabolic creatine forms
Cell Pump® REVOLUTION is the essence and functionally breakthrough formula of creatine and forms of nitric oxide precursors supplemented with active ingredients, which are invaluable for experts and are used during the most demanding training, which contributes to maintaining proper energy metabolism.

The concept of product development included the use of safe and perfectly tested active ingredients, but for the first time in Cell Pump® REVOLUTION, they were able to combine them into a progressive system involving various forms of creatine and direct nitric oxide (NO) precursors. They have been selected as a system of active substances with fast and medium-fast absorption kinetics, which ensures the immediate effect of a strong muscle pump that lasts throughout the training. It is an extremely strong mechanical impulse to strengthen metabolic processes aimed at the development of muscle mass.

Getting muscles filled with blood is one thing. But motivation and strength to take it for granted is another matter. We understand how difficult it is sometimes to look for motivation for the “fight against iron”. After a whole day, this may seem impossible. But not with Cell Pump® REVOLUTION. Its composition is designed to provide exactly the right amount that affects CNS stimulators (central nervous system).

The idea of ​​combining a progressive operating system with a logical number of CNS stimulators leads to excellent results in promoting endogenous production of nitric oxide (NO), neurotransmitters and catecholamines. It is very effective in supporting muscle activity with oxygen and energy components, as well as motivating efforts and maximizing positive aggression. Everything means a clear increase in energy, strength and thus the total training volume. The end result is a much stronger training impulse, which leads to rapid adaptive changes in the body, leading to the development of pure muscle mass.

Increasing the volume of training undoubtedly contributes to the use of energy resources by our body, including the reduction of body fat, thus obtaining a “cut out” and perfectly modeled figure. Which, with the use of other pre-workout preparations, an increase in the level of catabolic cortisol is not such a matter of course.

From today, you decide for yourself and choose the right dose of pre-workout, depending on your weight, mood or type of training. We recommend dividing it into two parts, either 7 g or the “hardcore” variant of 14 g, but as a professional you can freely choose the amount that suits you best.

When creating professional products, we must not forget that accepting them to increase our abilities must not be a “culinary” punishment! The latest version of Cell Pump® REVOLUTION is a combination of performance and a unique refreshing taste that will make you feel comfortable. The highest quality of the product additionally causes it to dissolve perfectly, which allows you to enjoy a pre-workout drink from the first to the last sip.

Cell Pump® REVOLUTION is aimed at people who practice bodybuilding, strength sports and endurance strength, in which maximum strength, concentration and physical efficiency determine progress. In cooperation with them, an innovative formula was created, where the number of individual ingredients per portion was consulted and tested with professional bodybuilders and amateurs of this sport with several years of experience.

Recommended use:

1 – 2 servings per day.
Depending on body weight, we recommend the following dosages:
up to 90 kg – one serving of 7g (1 scoop) dissolved in 250ml of water
over 90 kg – two portions of 14g (2 scoops) dissolve in 500ml of water
Take about 30 minutes before training.


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