Biogenix AmiGenix Monster 300 Tabs


Biogenix AmiGenix Monster 300 Tabs

Two sources of hydrolyzate – whey and chicken.
Very fast absorption.
Supports regeneration, protects against catabolism.
A highly nutritious source of protein at any time of the day.
Increase in lean muscle mass.
Comfortable and convenient supplementation.

AmiGenix – the future in high level amino acid supplementation !!!
AmiGenix is ​​a high-quality complex of easily digestible amino acids based on two hydrolyzed sources, namely whey proteins WPH and chicken, further supplemented with a dose of L-alanine.
AmiGenix is ​​characterized by the quality of pharmaceutical production. Comprehensively tested raw materials, including the presence of microbial contaminants, heavy metals, which determines the safety of using our supplements.

Each dose contains 6000 mg of high quality proteogenic amino acids, including exogenous amino acids and BCAAs, to help you effectively achieve your dream goal. They are a highly bioavailable building material for your muscles, they affect anabolic processes, which significantly shortens the recovery time after training and prepares you for further training loads. Above all, AmiGenix is ​​a formula of carefully selected amino acids, designed by a team of scientists in the right ratio for the optimal development of your character. It provides solid support for supplements in your workout, which results in reduced fatigue during exercise, as well as reduced catabolic processes.

The supply of L-alanine affects the body’s more efficient use of this amino acid as an alternative source of energy during periods of low blood sugar during increased physical exertion. L-alanine can reduce the effect of other amino acids in muscle tissue, thereby reducing it
processes of protein catabolism.

AmiGenix with the addition of L-alanine is a research-confirmed product that affects:
– reduction of fatigue during exercise
– longer and more effective training
– synthesis of muscle proteins contributing to the development of muscle tissue
– blood sugar balance
– support of the work of the immune system

AmiGenix is ​​an invaluable supplement providing an amino acid complex that is reflected in the processes of increased muscle protein synthesis, reduction of protein catabolism. This will affect the effectiveness of the exercise, extend the training time and help support the immune system. Amigenix is ​​not an empty warranty on paper … it is certain, confirmed by the research pro-health activity of the ingredients contained in this product.

Recommended use:

6 tablets daily after training or between meals. Drink plenty of water.


Dietary supplement – a dietetic product specially designed for special nutrition of athletes.
For adults, physically active and professional athletes who, through training and healthy nutrition, seek to improve physical capacity, post-workout recovery and strength and muscle mass development.
It cannot be considered a substitute or a replacement for a varied diet.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
The product should not be administered to nursing mothers or pregnant women.
Keep out of the reach of small children.


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