Helltech BCAAs + Glutamine These acids are more important than the rest of the amino acids because they are burned in the muscles themselves and not in the liver like other acids. The process of protein digestion breaks down its molecules to become small amino acids that are used in the process of building and healing the muscle or burn to be a source of energy And recent studies related to nutrition and training have also proven that these acids reduce the process of muscle breakdown and help build them, and they are considered an essential nutritional supplement. And LBCAAs are 3: Leucine, isoleucine, and valine Luisen: Leucine not only has the ability to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, it also contributes to slowing muscle damage after intense training by increasing muscle protein synthesis. Isoleucine: Isoleucine, this glycogenic amino acid supplies the body with glucose, which it burns for energy Valen: Like leucine and isoleucine, valine encourages protein synthesis and muscle tissue growth while providing energy from glucose synthesis. It also acts as a contributor to the normal growth and repair of damaged tissues in the body. glutamine And it is considered the most important amino acid, although it is not essential (manufactured in the body), because it is made in a small amount and there are periods (mental or physical stress) your body needs this acid more than what it produces, and that is what requires eating it from a source external. Glutamine represents about 60% of muscle protein and a low level is the beginning of the process of breaking this muscle and the beginning of the processes of demolition of tissues. Glutamine plays an important role in maintaining the efficiency of the immune system, and the more muscles you enjoy, the more glutamine in your body becomes, and your immune system becomes stronger. Glutamine prevents catabolism in the muscle by compensating for what depletes it, and glutamine has been shown to improve cells and increase protein synthesis in them. The suggested dose for this acid is 20-30 g per day. Branched-chain amino acids, which are responsible for a large percentage of your strength and muscle size, have a role in stimulating the secretion of growth hormone. Helps maintain glycogen (muscle carbohydrates), which helps reduce catabolism and increase muscle tissue building. These acids reduce fatigue (both physical and mental), which means better training. When energy is lacking (mostly carbohydrates) these acids act as a source of energy production, so they are excellent for the preparation period for the tournament, when the amount of carbohydrates and calories decreases sharply. If glutamine and BCAA are taken as a supplement, the best period to take it is after exercise when your body is in dire need of all the nutrients. Exploiting this period improves the process of muscle recovery and growth


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