CLA 4800


Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA

An effective tool for dieters that provides very effective fat burning and healing benefits. This essential fatty acid helps reduce body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. It is an important building block for cell growth.
Before the 1970s, Americans didn’t need to worry about supplementing their diet with CLA, since dairy and meat products naturally had plenty of it. Today, however, since cattle are no longer grass-fed, CLA consumption has decreased by 80%. Avoiding meat and dairy products due to their fat content has exacerbated this deficiency. Fortunately, researchers have discovered a way to generate CLA from the linoleic acid found in sunflower and safflower oils, and CLA is now available in practical tablet form.

Why is CLA such an important boon for waistline keepers?

Study after study has proven its effectiveness in reducing body fat. The Journal of Nutrition published the results of the first human clinical trial using CLA, which showed a significant 20% reduction in body fat, with an average loss of 7 pounds of fat in the CLA group. These results are achieved without the slightest change in dietary habits, making the CLA supplement a simple and effortless weight loss tool. Another recent clinical trial, conducted at the University of Wisconsin, evaluated the effect of CLA on body composition in 80 obese men and women. All participants dieted for several months, lost some weight, and then returned to their old eating habits. The team taking the CLA gained, but regained weight with an average of half fat and half lean muscle, compared to 75% fat and 25% muscle for the other team. This guide posits that CLA increases lean muscle, making the body healthier and stronger.
The benefits of CLA are not limited to weight loss. Over the past two decades, researchers have found that CLA also modulates the immune response, protects against heart disease, and fights the development of various types of cancer. It may also prevent and control the onset of adult diabetes mellitus, a disease that creeps fiercely in areas where overweight is common. Since it helps prevent bone loss, CLA may also be an effective agent in preventing osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.
The message is clear: With a balanced diet and daily exercise program, CLA can help you fight disease and shed pounds.
fat scavenging elements
• tonic
•Blood sugar balancer
Just facts
● CLA was first discovered in 1987 by researchers at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.
● CLA penetrates muscle cells, having been shown to increase muscle volume by 5%.
● You may need to eat 6 pounds of steak, to get the same amount of CLA as most supplements with this substance.
Boost your benefits
● People have accidentally discovered that if they take CLA close to bedtime, they will have trouble falling asleep. I advise you to try it and watch your body’s reactions. Most people can take CLA after a late dinner without having trouble trying to sleep.
● It is best to take CLA with a fiber supplement or a meal rich in fiber because the fiber may absorb some of the CLA. For best results, take CLA about an hour after a high-fiber meal or fiber supplement pill.
For weight control, most people report noticeable results after taking CLA for about six weeks.


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