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AAKG Ultra Strong

IronMaxx Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate supplement has been designed to offer many different benefits, with one of the most popular and beneficial ingredients in athletes’ supplements being used, L-Arginine. The most advanced technology has been used to produce the best nutritional supplement on the market using the highest quality and purest ingredients.

Reducing the feeling of fatigue and pain.
One capsule contains 1600 mg of pure AAKG.
Promote regeneration and normal and healthy growth of the body.
Improve muscle nutrition by increasing NO (Nitric Oxide) production.

L-Arginine is one of the most popular nutrients among athletes. The main property of L-Arginine is to enhance endurance and increase strength. By improving the production and release of nitric oxide (NO), it also enlarges blood vessels and increases blood supply. The result is an increased distribution of blood, oxygen and nutrients to all the muscles of the body. Increasing the nutrients in the body leads to the improvement of the body’s processes, which leads to an increase in the muscles of the body in a healthy and natural way. The transfer of fuel to the muscles greatly increases the size of the body’s muscles, which increases strength and performance.

IronMaxx AAKG is used as an effective dietary supplement that increases muscle building and enhances muscle mass for the body. This ensures that AAKG ultra strong will definitely enhance strength and performance.

Increase muscle strength and endurance
Reduce the feeling of tiredness
muscle growth regeneration


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