GH Ultra Strong


GH Ultra Strong 130cps ironMaxx

it is a product made with three amino acids, arginine, ornithine and lysine, excellent natural precursors of GH, a powerful anabolic and lipolytic hormone also known with the terms growth hormone and somatotropin.
Our body self produces this hormone but it is possible to optimize its synthesis by providing it with the necessary starting substrate so that it can be released in adequate quantities.
Having adequate amounts of Gh at your disposal means experiencing much more efficient protein synthesis and at the same time breaking down body fat to oxidize it as an energy source.
Among the many hormonal substances that our body produces, GH is the only one that manages at the same time to cause increases in lean muscle mass but also the concomitant decrease in body fat.
For this reason it is the most appreciated substance by body builders who want to improve their physique, even if here we are talking about natural precursors and not real Gh of pharmaceutical synthesis, so let’s observe the clear difference.
Obviously, then, through your diet and the type of training, you will be able to take advantage of one effect more than another, so if you are interested in hypertrophic muscle growth, combine the product with a high-calorie and high-protein diet, while, on the contrary, if you are more interested in weight loss, your diet will have to be low-calorie.


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