Biogenix AAKG Monster Caps


Biogenix AAKG Monster Caps® 120 caps.

L-arginine is one of the most-well-known nutrients for athletes, which from the biochemical point of view is considered to be an amino acid. The main property of arginine is its increasing the strength and endurance of the exercising person. By improving nitric-oxide (NO) production and release, blood vessels are enlarged and blood supply is increased. The result is an boosted distribution of blood, oxygen and nutrients into your muscles. Improving their nutrition creates the ideal conditions for their development, and, consequently, easier weight development. Better transfer of the essential fuel for the muscles will facilitate obtaining the effect of a “muscle pump”, which in practice will ultimately increase your strength and reduce fatigue.

recommended use

to take 3 capsules daily – 1 capsule before and after training, and 1 before bedtime.


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