Biogenix Ashwagandha 60 Caps


Biogenix Ashwagandha BX – natural support!

Biogenix Ashwagandha BX is a high-quality KSM-66® Ashwaganda root extract with a proven, scientifically proven effect! The beneficial effect of ashwagandha on a number of important processes in the human body makes this extremely valuable adaptogen reach not only by training people, but also mental workers, programmers, analysts and learners.

Reach out and you! Choose a preparation prepared from high-quality raw material, based on a unique extraction process (patented form of KSM-66®) – without the use of alcohol and chemical solvents – thanks to which a high concentration of active ingredients – withanolides (5%!) Was obtained from the root of this plant.

Bet on natural support in working on an aesthetic, muscular, athletic figure with a beneficial effect on cognitive and sexual functions! Trust nature and ashwaganda from Biogenix Ashwagandha BX!

How does Biogenix Ashwagandha BX work?
Regular supplementation with Biogenix Ashwagandha BX contributes to the preservation of:

optimal level of exercise capacity
adequate muscle mass
proper sexual and cognitive (cognitive) functions
Numerous studies have also proven that this excellent, natural adaptogen has a beneficial effect:

on the body’s energy management, helping to maintain optimal endurance in fatigue and fatigue.
the process of building muscle mass
on sexual function and vitality in men
protection of cells against oxidative stress
However, this is not the end of the beneficial properties of ashwagandha! Popular among athletes and people who perform hard mental work, adaptogen is also often recommended for people:

exposed to stress – support for the proper functioning of the nervous system, help in improving resistance to stress
learners – supporting memory and the ability to focus, which has a positive impact on the process of learning and remembering
How to use Biogenix Ashwagandha BX?
One capsule a day during a meal is enough! That’s as much as 200 mg of high-quality ashwagandha! An easy-to-swallow, small capsule with an adaptogen appreciated by athletes, should be washed down with plenty of water.

The package contains 60 capsules and provides up to two months of regular supplementation!

Biogenix Ashwagandha BX – trust nature! Stress resistance and daily vitality!


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