DNA Whey Protein 900g



Revive Your D.N.A. Potential

Live up to your potential with brand new D.N.A. Supps products.

Using D.N.A. Supps supplements opens brand new opportunities for you. You enter the next level of beating your own weaknesses and overcoming your boundaries. From now on you are in charge to achieve what you have dreamed of. Some dream of a life, others live their dream! What kind of life do you lead?

D.N.A. WPC is the new edition whey protein concentrate. Concrete, clear composition, and no bullshit or unpleasant surprises, only careful selected highest quality raw materials on the market! This product is a result of many hours of research and numerous tests. Finally we have produced a product that satisfies even the most demanding customers.

High-quality pure whey protein concentrate WPC

Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of the muscle mass, right? So invest in protein, which will enable you to reach your training goals. Invest in D.N.A. WPC, if you appreciate the best building blocks for your muscles.

Some promise miracles, we guarantee quality.

D.N.A. Supps is not only a brand name … D.N.A. is a way to better performance, more effective training, better regeneration, faster results, and above all the discovery of potential that lies within you!

The specific composition with clear information on ingredients, delicious taste and excellent solubility characterize D.N.A. WPC.

Did you think that your protein powder tastes good? Well then you haven’t tried D.N.A. WPC!

You are now maybe thinking that such a unique product has to cost a fortune? Well, you will be positively surprised. Thanks to the huge interest in D.N.A. products, we are able to offer high-quality raw materials at the best possible price on the market.

We appreciate your trust, with D.N.A. WPC you can be sure to receive good composition, high-quality raw materials, at a very competitive price!

D.N.A. does not create illusions, but leads you to the desired goal!

Join the growing list of satisfied clients.

D.N.A. WPC is a good companion on your journey through the world of sport. A good partner is a guarantee of success! If you ever find yourself at a life crossroad, now you can count on new ally.


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