“Knock! Knock!…
Who’s there?
It’s me, your new “pre-workouter!”
Another episode in the series We create products for athletes! What for? Because we keep on researching your needs, and this way we can improve our products.
For whom? For all those who are constantly looking, get bored quickly, and are very demanding. How do we plan on convincing them about this “new thing” we are proposing? It’s easy: its parameters will do it for us… But, let’s start from the top!

Most importantly, the unique composition:
First up is beta-alanine, a perfect fit for those who work out long and intensively, and want to maximally postpone the effects of tiredness. Thanks to the improved muscle contractility and the increased aerobic efficiency, people practising endurance sports will be able to jump to the next LEVEL of shaping their form!
Second, scientific research confirms that the arginine and citrulline used in the D.N.A. PRE-WORKOUT stimulate the molecular processes of nitric oxide (NO) synthesis in the body.
The caffeine and taurine spur the central nervous system by putting you into the starting blocks, ready for a “MAX” blast-off during the workout.

And finally, a gentle breeze straight from nature: beetroot extract, which contributes to the increased production of red blood cells, And that, in turn, translates to better cell oxygenation and faster workout adaptation. Additionally, there is the black pepper fruit extract, with the active ingredient piperine, which promotes body-mass building by increasing the body temperature, and reduces adipose tissue by influencing lipolysis.

Not enough?
How about the fact that the product is characterised by lightning-fast assimilability, thanks to the powder form of the preparation. Without the delays typical of “tabs” or “caps”.
PRE-WORKOUT is another product from the DNA Your Supps range which has success imprinted in its DNA!


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