FA SUPER RED Antioxidants

is a product designed for healthy diet lovers who want to add variety to their daily diet and ensure access to multiple sources of antioxidants. The composition of the preparation is a carefully prepared composition of standarized plant extracts and black and red furuit powders, which have been enriched with natural fiber. As a source of vitamin C, the product is a suitable choice for active people and those at risk of fatigue. The supplement is completely taste- and dye-free. The formula is recommend for vegans and vegetarians due to the lack of animal components.

Whate are the benefits of FA SUPER RED Antioxidants?

  • Rich source of antioxidants – hihg antioxidant potential of the ingredients
  • Additional source of natural vitamin C – supports the proper functioning of immunity
  • Vitamin C contributes to increased protection of cells against oxidative stress[1,2,3]
  • Vitamin C helps reduce feelings of fatigue and tiredness and has a positive effect on normal energy metabolism[1,2,3]
  • Vitamin C supports the process of collagen synthesis, which influences among others, the proper condition of bones, walls of blood vessels, teeth and skin[3]
  • Acerola and acai berries can be used as a source of polyphenols in the daily diet[4,5,6]

FA SUPER RED Antioxidants – benefits

  • Unique composition of many types of fruit
  • Standarized acerola fruit extract as a source of vitamin C
  • Extract of blackcurrant fibre
  • Natural flavor – ideal addition to other products
  • No colorings or sugar – only natural components derived from plants
  • Universal application – for professional athletes, amateurs, seniors and anyone who wants to take care of their health
  • Recommend for vegans and vegetarians
  • Support the fights against the body’s own aging process

What is the best way to combine FA SUPER RED Antioxidants with?

The product can be used as an addition to other products in the health supplement category. For sure FA SUPER RED Antioxidants can be used with omega-3 fatty acids (e.g. Omega 3 2000), conjugated linoleic acid CLA (e.g. Wellness CLA Slim) or vitamin-mineral supplements (e.g. Mag Plus B6). Product can also be used in sports supplementation for amateurs and professionals alike. The addition of extracts and fruit powder can be used together with amino acid complexes (e.g. XTREME 3R), creatine (e.g. Tri-Creatine Malate) or joint preparations (e.g. CORE FLEX). The natural taste of the product makes it possible to treat it as a supplement to fruit cocktails with the addition of a protein supplement (e.g. Performance Whey 80).


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