Glutamine 1250



is a product containing crystal clear L-glutamine. L-glutamine is one of the basic amino acids of the muscle tissue, constituting up to 20% of all the amino acids in the body. This amino acid is a valuable source of organic nitrogen. Glutamine is a dispensable amino acid, which the body can synthesise by itself, however, with the body under stress from intensive workout, the quantity of available glutamine drops quickly and the body obtains it from muscle catabolism and begins to break down the muscle. For this process to be prevented, the component must be supplied externally as a food supplement to ensure positive nitrogen balance. Glutamine is an essential component for the synthesis of proteins, and protein take part in the growth and preservation of muscle, as well as the health of bones.

Glutamine 1250 is a product recommended for athletes practicing sports which require strength, often in combination with endurance and speed. The tablet form is free from gelatine thus rendering the product suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike.


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