Instant Oats Oatmeal (2000g)



IronMaxx Instand Oats – Oatmeal Optimal carbohydrate source

Oatmeal has been a popular staple for centuries. As a ground powder made from whole grain oat flakes, Instant Oats are still an optimal source of carbohydrates for health-conscious people and athletes. Due to their low glycemic index, Instant Oats are digested slowly and provide the body with energy over a long period of time.
Pre or post workout? Both!
Whether as oatmeal, as an addition to a protein shake or in combination with nuts and fruit, instant oats can be used in many ways thanks to their good digestibility. Fitness and strength athletes use them mainly after the trainer as a weight gainer in the build-up phase and in the definition phase. Endurance athletes, on the other hand, use them to replenish their glycogen stores before exercise.
Low fat, high carb
With 68g of complex carbohydrates, 14g of protein and only 7g of healthy fats per serving, Instant Oats are ideal for a high-carb and low-fat diet. With 400kcal and only 0.59g sugar per 100g, the natural wholemeal oat powder is a common part of nutrition plans.

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