tablets are a handy source of a high class Tribulus terrestris extract. The extract used in the supplement is standardized to 40% of valuable steroid saponins content. The plant is believed to have a valuable effect on physically active people and a number of beneficial properties for keeping the body in good condition. The product is recommended for beginners and experienced athletes. The formula is ideal when combined with other T-boosters, recovery support supplements or plant adaptogens.

What are the benefits of FA TRIBULUS?

  • High grade natural mace fruit extract
  • Tribulus terrestris extract is one of the most popular herbal T-boosters
  • Extract standardized to 40% content of steroid saponins – natural components affecting hormone balance and function
  • It is believed that Tribulus terrestris and steroid saponins can affect total testosterone levels
  • Some scientific studies suggest that mace extract may be beneficial in supporting sexual

performance problems such as erectile dysfunction and sperm quality and production

  • According to some studies, Tribulus terrestris extract may have positive uses for diuresis, prostate and genitourinary conditions[1,4,5,6]


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