L-Carnitine xs 3000


L-carnitine helps to convert fat into energy by transporting fat, particularly long-chain fatty acids, into the mitochondria of cells. The fatty acids are oxidized to be used as fuel by generating ATP. L-carnitine is especially effective during intense exercise. Through its mechanism, L-carnitine helps in fat metabolism & weight management. It helps in the fat being used in enhancing cellular energy which preserves the lean muscles during training. It restricts the build-up of lactic acid, which is the main cause of fatigue and thus, helps in improving endurance & post-workout recovery process.
Ronnie Coleman Liquid L-Carnitine also offers 10mg of Vitamin B5 per serving. Vitamin B5 helps in formulating blood cells and also converts food into energy. Being in liquid form, this formula absorbs quickest and acts fastest.
Benefits of Ronnie Coleman Liquid L-Carnitine
Enhanced fat metabolism: L-carnitine present in Ronnie Coleman Liquid L-Carnitine helps in transporting fatty acids from blood to the mitochondria so that the fatty acids can be utilized as the source of energy. So, with L-carnitine you efficiently use fats as energy.
Improved athletic performance: With Ronnie Coleman Liquid L-Carnitine, experience an improvement in your performance in the gym or your workout station as L-carnitine helps in enhancing your cellular energy and preserving the lean muscles
The goodness of Vitamin B5: Ronnie Coleman Liquid L-Carnitine offers 5mg of Vitamin B5 per serving which helps in keeping the digestive tract healthy along with converting the food into energy. It also helps in making the blood cells.
Faster absorption: Ronnie Coleman Liquid L-Carnitine offers L-carnitine in liquid form which is easier and faster to get absorbed in your body as compared to other forms which makes it faster acting.
Refreshing experience: Ronnie Coleman Liquid L-Carnitine comes in tangy and revitalizing Orange flavor, which refreshes you along with providing you the benefits of L-carnitine.
How to use it?
The recommended usage is one serving (15ml) of Ronnie Coleman Liquid L-Carnitine a day. You can consume it directly using the measuring cap or dissolve the same in water as per your preference.


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