Perfect Amino


With Perfect Amino 450 g from SKULL LABS you get exactly what the name promises: a perfect amino acid complex that contains all the amino acids that an innovative pre-workout booster needs. EAA (essential amino acids), branched chain amino acids (BCAA), L-glutamine and citrulline as well as magnesium. The amino acids in this supplement are on the one hand very high quality and on the other hand also ideally dosed, so that your body is perfectly supplied.

The amino acids give you more endurance, energy and general performance. The magnesium contained ensures that you have fewer symptoms of fatigue and a normal energy metabolism. At the same time, magnesium helps maintain electrolyte balance, ensure proper functioning of the nervous system and supports muscles and protein synthesis.

SKULL LABS Perfect Amino 450 g benefits at a glance:

  • perfect pre-workout amino acids formula
  • contains BCAA, EAA, L-glutamine, citrulline as well as magnesium
  • top quality and dosage
  • for intense workouts
  • more endurance, performance and power
  • supports muscle and protein synthesis

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Suggested use:

the manufacturer recommends:
1 scoop per day


Mango – Lemon, other


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