Gold Isolate



Using FA VIVA GOLD WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE is an unquestionable support in achieving the objectives of a healthy and varied diet. The formula provides wholesome whey protein in the form of exceptionally pure WPI isolate. The product has been prepared in accordance with the highest standards and through an innovative multistage cross-flow microfiltration process. This guarantees a high quality protein free from unnecessary sugar and fat additives. The product comes in the form of an easily soluble powder which, when prepared in water or skimmed milk, allows you to prepare an incredibly tasty shake with a high protein content. Its effortless solubility allows you to use it as an addition to other meals.


What are the advantages of FA VIVA GOLD WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE ingredients?

  • Each serving of the product provides you with 25 g of high quality whey protein isolate WPI
  • High concentration of complete proteins without added sugar or fats
  • High content of valuable amino acids – up to 5.4 g of BCAA complex per serving!
  • Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, which in combination with a healthy diet and regular training can help you achieve your athletic figure
  • Protein contributes to maintaining healthy bones
  • Complete protein is a valuable source of essential amino acids which can support endogenous processes of protein synthesis and post-workout regeneration

Chocolate, Vanilla, other


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