Beta alanine IronMaxx.

Burning muscles – a common phenomenon among athletes when the muscles become hyper-acidic during exercise. Actually, one is highly-motivated and wants to continue exercising, but the muscle shuts down.

Beta alanine, one of the body’s own, non-essential amino acids, can delay muscle fatigue and supply a longer duration of muscle energy and more efficient exercise. As a powder that can be individually dispensed, the beverage supplies the important amino acid in its pure form without any additives and sweeteners, without any carbohydrates and fats.

Muscle development and increasing muscle mass are accomplished through optimal stimulation–for example, through corresponding weights during resistance training or maximum intensity. During such exercise, beta alanine can delay the corresponding muscle fatigue that otherwise normally results by forming carnosine by combining with the amino acid Histidine. Exercising with more and more intensive reps or resistance becomes possible which can have a positive effect on increasing muscle mass. It is recommended to consume beta alanine immediately before exercising. Thanks to the neutral taste, it can also be optimally combined with a protein shake. For optimal carnosine levels in the muscle, a consumption regimen of three months is recommended.


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