Biogenix Mono Creatine Monster 120 caps.


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Biogenix Mono Creatine Monster 120 caps.

Creatine monohydrate is one of the most effective sports nutrition ingredients. When used in conjunction with regular weight training and high-intensity activities. it has been shown to support strength, power and muscle size. One teaspoon of Biogenix MOno Powder provides five grams of 99.9 Percent creatine monohydrate. This unflavored powder mixes easily into water, juice or your post-workout protein shake to help you meet ambitious weight room goals. It’s also micronized (to make the particles smaller), so our mixes easier and stays suspended in liquid longer than non-micronized creatine supplements.

  • Supports Muscle Strength & Power
  • Improves performance in high-intensity exercise
  • Enhance energy reserves in muscles while minimizing protein breakdown


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