Glutamine Pro 300g


GLUTAMINE-the most important amino acids for muscles

L-Glutamine positive protein synthesis promotes muscle development and muscle maintenance . Thus, L-Glutamine is also referred to as the muscle amino acid!

The Glutamine Pro Powder contains the important protein-building amino acid L-Glutamine in its pure form. In addition, the capsules contain no additives, carbs or fats at all and are thus suitable for low-calorie diets .

Quickly & easily eliminate a glutamine deficiency

Comprising almost 60% of all free amino acids, L-Glutamine is the most commonly-occurring amino acid in the body . Its highest concentration is in the muscle cells. During intense and long exercise sessions, the body’s own glutamine is consumed. Thus, the glutamine deficiency should be as soon as possible after exercise so that the regeneration and development of new musculature can begin. The Glutamine Pro Caps enable you to glutamine-even at the gym!


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