The composition of FA SUPER IMMUNITY Booster is a precisely prepared composition of fibre, vegetables, fruit and spices which are widely known for their valuable effect on immunity. The ingredients used in the product are natural sources of valuable active ingredients (such as Vitamin C and polyphenols) with a positive effect on the condition and functioning of metabolism. The product formula is completely free of colorings, sugar and any animal additives – the supplement is friendly for vegans and vegetarians. The formula is available as a tasteless and easily dissolvable powder, which can be used as and addition to other preparations.
What are the benefits of FA SUPER IMMUNITY BOOSTER?
Mix of vegetables, fruit, spices and fibre in one product – multidimensional support for the body
Acerola is a valuable source of vitamin C and many antioxidants.
Vitamin C has a beneficial effect on the proper functioning of the immune system and protection of cells against oxidative stress.
Vitamin C supports normal functioning of the nervous system and reduces feelings of fatigue and tiredness.
Vitamin C elps to maintain normal energy metabolism.
The bio-components found in garlic can have a significant impact on maintaining optimal health.
Dietary fiber is important for gut microflora composition, immune function and gastrointestinal function.
Combines fruits, vegetables, spices and dietary fiber fora a multi-ingredient formula and multi-faceted support
Immunity, protection and vitality
The product is available as an easily soluble powder, which poses no problems during preparation
Natural composition – no added colors or sugars
High-quality components and a formula free of flavor enhancers
Recommended for vegans and vegetarians


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