Zero Iron Max Flavored Creatine (83 Servings) – Dietary Supplement with Sweeteners. With Flavored Creatine, a drink made with the finest creatine monohydrate with great taste. In the development carbohydrates were completely omitted, so it is better to apply them during the dieting phase. In addition to using stevia as a sweetener, IronMaxx has taken care not to use artificial colors. Light color flavored creatine is obtained only by plant extracts. The powder is highly soluble in water and easy to dose on the go.

Creatine is often used by athletes to improve endurance, increase strength, and thus build muscle mass. Therefore, in addition to protein and amino acids, creatine is one of the most popular nutritional supplements and is distributed primarily in competitive sports.

Several studies have demonstrated the effect of popular supplements: creatine in the context of short-term intense exercise leads to an increase in physical performance in strength training. With intense training in particular, there is a greater need for this energy-rich substance. The loading phase with creatine can now be considered obsolete and no longer necessary. A minimum daily dose of 3g of creatine for strength and endurance athletes is the optimal dose for high strength and performance. With creatine, this is not an issue, as the serving already contains 4500 mg creatine.


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