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5 Grams of pharmaceutical grade micronized and monohydrated creatine per scoop.
Creatine is an element existing naturally in muscle cells. It helps your muscles produce energy during heavy lifting and high intensity workout.
VS Supps Creatine powder has been micronized to stay in solution for a long period of time without losing its efficiency.
VS Supps Creatine is unflavored and therefore you can stack it in different ways either you add it to your pre-workout BCAA shake, post-workout within your protein shake or you can consume alone with any kind of beverage juice.


VS Supps Creatine supports muscle size, enhances strength during workout and will take you to the next challenge step. It is a critical energy resource during high intensity weight lifting muscle actions.
VS Supps micronized and monohydrated Creatine has not only been shown to increase muscle strength, power and endurance, but it is also safe to consume when taken as per the recommended dosage.


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